Concord Facilities Management (CFM) is a professional proactive solution for all staffing requirements offering you the chance to outsource the employment of your staff, as well as the Industrial Relations, Human Resources and Payroll requirements, associated therewith.

As your staffing risk managers, we would reduce your company’s exposure to labour risk, saving you time and money, which allows you to concentrate on your core business.

As registered Labour Risk Managers, we deal with the entire range of functions required in the specialized field of labour outsourcing and the facilitation of employment on a national basis and in all industries and bargaining units.

The employment facilitation mechanisms and due diligence process that we follow allows us to certify your risk to financial institutions and/or service providers. We are registered with all the statutory bodies like SARS, UIF, WCA, Paye, etc as well as relevant Bargaining Councils and related organization.


With Concord Facilities Management’s primary function of employment facilitation and outsourcing off staff, we handle ALL staffing matters by using our unique proactive mechanism to turn people into cost centers ensuring you to maximize the performance of your staff.

Concord Facilities Management is a division of the Comco Group of Companies.