What we do for you and what your advantages are by using CFM?

  • CFM assist with verbal and written warnings as well as in-house disciplinary enquiries to prevent costly lawsuits.
  • CFM provide representation at CCMA.
  • CFM draft, implement and maintain HR related policies and procedures.
  • CFM has a professional legal and administrative team to your immediate disposal.
  • CFM offers flexibility to adjust staff requirements at any time to accommodate specific needs.
  • All administrative functions relating to the running and maintaining of the outsourced staff complement is our responsibility, including but not confined to good timekeeping, production requirements and standards.
  • CFM runs the full payroll either by running a monthly, forth nightly or weekly payroll. We operate a computerized payroll system whereby salaries and wages are paid directly into the bank accounts of the employees.
  • CFM take responsibility for statutory registrations and payments.
  • CFM will negotiate with the Unions and other employee representatives. This includes labour disputes, Union related issues and forward planning.
  • Through disciplinary hearings and warnings, we manage and control common issues such as theft, continuous absenteeism, insubordination and other grounds for dismissal.
  • Should the contracted employee not meet the standards and performance requirements of the client, his/her employment contract may be terminated immediately (within reason).
  • Should the client wish to terminate the services of an employee, the legal team of CFM will facilitate the whole process efficiently and quickly to conclusion.
  • The client and the outsourced staff member will have enough time to assess and ensure a seamless integration.
  • Regarding disciplinary issues, it is our responsibility to take disciplinary action against our contracted employees if and when required.
  • All Union related issues, as well as agreements, become our responsibility.

Alternatively, many clients phase in new employees into their structure as Concord staff, thus avoiding retrenchment or severance packages (while we act as the Employment intermediary).

With an organized labour force, staff problems will be a thing of the past.



Legal Compliance

Concord Facilities Management works according to strict operating, recruitment and legal standards to ensure that our service is professional and compliant. The company’s legal department/s promote awareness of and compliance with the various Labour Laws. In-house attorneys and Industrial Relations Departments, staffed by highly qualified individuals, are on hand to provide legal advice when and where required.