Labour Broking

  • We manage placement of personnel at clients on a contract or project basis.
  • We recruit and select employees to be trained for specific needs where and when necessary.
  • We advertise for, evaluate and pre-select said candidates.
  • We specialize in switching of current Labour force to our specific contracts. 

Outsourced Contract Management:

  • Our commitment to providing the total solution includes the responsibility for all administrative functions and the management related to the running and maintaining of the employment contract and the staff component provided.
  • ln situations where the size or nature of the employment contract requires it, we will provide supervisors to not only monitor the performance of the outsourced staff, but to be on hand to initiate immediate corrective action where necessary.
  • On nation-wide staff provision contracts we can either assign dedicated contract managers or a mobile management team to function as an extension of your management team. This arrangement ensures nation-wide employment contract continuity as well as effective liaison between yourselves, your branches and the outsourced staff.